The Ultimate Car Polish and Automotive Paint Protection Products

An awesome finish, with such little effort !

Every now and then a product comes along, which just stands out from the rest !! And in some cases you just want to tell everyone else about it !!

If your car, bike or 4WD means more to you than just a mode of transport, then you'll be interested in this brilliant product as well - an Automotive Polish, Wax and Cleaning system, available in Australia, and which:

                   produces a showroom-like shine
                   provides all-weather protection
                   is inexpensive
                   takes so little time and effort to obtain an exceptional finish

Many competitive products produce a good finish, but require extraordinary amounts of time and effort to obtain the end result. Other products are just too expensive. Then there are those other products which are just downright disappointing.

What is this brilliant product you ask ??

If you lived in Europe, you’d know all about it – but here in Australia, it’s mainly those “in the trade” or in auto clubs who have found out what a breakthrough product this really is.

The product is called
Car-Lack 68, and hails from the land of fine cars, Germany.

Car-Lack, the company, has been around for over 30 years, and specialises in cleaning and protection products for automobiles, boats and aircraft.

In comparison to most other products, CarLack 68 literally shines !!

And who is eXtraShine ??

At eXtraShine, we have used Car-Lack 68 for a number of years, and we’re always amazed at the results. However, we have found it quite difficult to locate at times. You won’t see it on the shelves of most auto product retailers in Australia, and it doesn’t have the glitzy colour ads in all the local auto magazines.

So eXtraShine decided to make the CarLack products readily available for everyone in Australia, via this Website. eXtraShine can ship the required CarLack product right to your door, off the shelf !!
Rest assured that online transactions happen via certified, industry-standard secure eCommerce gateways.

CarLack has an extensive range and variety of products, however, not all of them are suitable or available in Australia. The range of Car-Lack products available through eXtraShine can be found by clicking here!

If you’re interested in obtaining more information on the other Car-Lack products, send us an email here and we’ll discuss this directly with the importers !!

We know you’ll be happy with CarLack products – just like many other happy customers.
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